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Greater St. Paul-Minneapolis Corporate Event Photographer - Corporate conferences may not sound sexy, but it's big business for big companies and non-profits alike, and it's incumbent upon a photographer to find the intrigue in the benign, to visually document engagement, understanding and quiet enjoyment. That's what I did for nearly a decade as a newspaper editorial photographer. Now a commercial and corporate event photographer based in Minneapolis, I use  creativity and quick thinking to find points of interest in any environment and tell the story.

Fine Art Photographer - For 25 weekends out of the year, I sell my work at the finest juried art shows in the country, from Minneapolis to Seattle and everywhere in between

*National Geographic recently published one of my photos in their book "Destinations of a Lifetime" which was released Fall 2015.

PRICING - I custom quote the price for every job, event photography and commercial alike. Every event, every business, is different. I thoroughly evaluate each client's budget and goals, and offer great flexibility to acheive maximum value. I include copies of all color corrected, high resolution images as part of every photography job - yours forever, to use as you please. Call me at 612-615-4377 or email info@jcoxphotography. There's no cost for a quote.

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