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In the video below, I demonstrate the magic behind my Night Photography - I describe how I take night photos with bright lights and intense colors without the use of Photoshop. I am a Fine Art Photographer specializing in night photography, using streetlights, flashlights, ambient city light combined with long exposures to create images of a world unlike anything you can see with your naked eye.




Here's a video of the Canstruction time lapse that I made of Architectural Edge's 2012 entry. They were the international winners of the event with their Egyptian King Tut. What these folks do is amazing - they create beautiful pieces of art with nothing but cans and layers of minimal plywood and supporting material. Great job folks

Time-lapse Videos and Slide shows

When I'm not photographing in the Minneapolis area, I love to hit the highway and take photos of... well, whatever. On a trip down to Austin this past November for the Austin Phototography Expo, I saw a sign for the Inner Space Caverns - so I decided to stop and take a tour. An hour and a half later my "family of one" had been adopted by one of the other family tour groups.</p>

After the expo was done, I decided to spend a night on 6th Street - SOBER - yes it's possible... And what fun that was - all those photos are on the gallery page - lots of fun.

Whenever the chance strikes, I do enjoy trying different tequniques as well, looking at the something in a new way, and testing out the limits of my equipment. One such way is time-lapse photography, which, while very time consuming with limited practical applications for my business, is something I find, just fun to do.</p>

Some examples, along with other video tidbits from my YouTube page, are included below.

This was my first foray into time-lapse fun - three hours on a Sunday morning for 10 seconds of finished product - and a rough finished product at that. But It was amazing to see when it came together.

This next one was as scary as it appears - taken during the June lightning storm, about an hour before I got my wild lightning photos, which you can view on the gallery list page.</p>

This one is of my buddy Matt - who got tatted up, and wanted my take photos of it. I think I had more fun that he did...